From Left Boards 4 to 1: Thatgirl, Pingupenguin, Chessrishabh, Crazyblue

TeamLeague 50 Round 2 Games - We Win 2.5-1.5

The second round was like unexpected. Sadly Crazyblue went down fighting. Pingupenguin and Chessrishabh pulled off great wins. Don't ask what happened in Thatgirl's game, figure it out yourself. The important thing is we won the round.

TeamLeague 50 Round 1 Games - We Win 2.5-1.5

Chessrishabh, the newcomer in our team, started the round with a nicely executed attack on Blacks kings wing. Crazyblue then took home a solid draw with Black, making it 1.5:0.5 on Saturday.
Sunday started with a nice win from Thatgirl, who benefited from a middle game blunder of her opponent. The win was thus secured and the last match was only for enjoyment. Pingu played a nice game with chances for both sides until he lost track in the middle game and gave away a piece which he couldn't equalize afterwards. Final score therefore was 2.5:1.5.